As a feature of this app, you can create message templates and attach them while sending the messages. 

To create a template or use the existing template follow the below steps.

 1. Click on the plus sign on the send SMS component on the bottom left corner.

2. A window named Select SMS Template gets poped up. As shown below.

I] Selecting the templates from the existing templates:

1. To select the existing SMS templates you need to click on the choose one and select one of the templates.

2. Selected Template appears in the text box and then you need to click on the Insert button.

3. After clicking on the Insert button the selected template is inserted in the message body then you simply need to click on the blue arrow and the SMS is sent.

II] Creating the template:

1. Click on the plus sign to create a new SMS template.

2. When you click on the plus sign another window gets popped up i.e New SMS Template.

3. The user needs to select the desired object and its fields. When the user clicks on the plus button then the fields API names get inserted into Body.


4. After adding all the fields in the message body user needs to click on the Save button.

5. Once the template is created, you need to open the related object (e.g.: Lead) where the template was created & you can use it while sending the SMS as shown. Select the newly created template to send the message.

6. Once selected, the API Names & message body will be populated for the respective template.

you then can type a further message if required and click Send so that the message is sent.

7. A success message will be displayed once SMS is sent and double-checks come below the SMS.