This article will help you to connect your Twilio Account with the Textible App.

you are required to set the details like Account ID and Auth Token from the Twilio account which you are using.

Follow the below steps to connect Twilio Account with the Textible.

1. Login to your Twilio account.

2. Check the top right corner of the Dashboard showing details like ACCOUNT SID and AUTH TOKEN, click on the  'view' link displayed after the AUTH TOKEN field.

3. Now copy above values of this ACCOUNT SID and AUTH TOKEN and paste them to the respective fields under the Salesforce  org- Create Tab, which will look like below:

4. Now click the Verify Twilio Account button, the verified sign will be displayed.

This verified sign will be always visible to you confirming that your org is now connected with the Twilio account.

  1. After the above steps click on the 'Connect to Textible' button.

  2. You will be redirected to the login page of your org. Log in into your org.

3. Click on allow access for extible connector.

4. After allowing access you again need to log into your org. 

5. After login into your org, you will be redirected to Textible app in your org.

In this way, the org is connected to the Textible.