For using the textile app you need to manage your numbers in Twilio. In this article, you will come to know how to manage your Twilio numbers.

1.  Login into the Twilio Account.

2.  Click on 'All Product and Services' 


3.  Click on 'Phone Numbers' 

4. Click on Phone Number you want to configure it to salesforce, Scroll down to the 'Messaging' section.  

5. Select Webhook for 'A MESSAGE COMES IN' and Paste this '' Callback URL as an HTTP POST method.

After adding phone numbers to Twilio,  We need to set up those numbers in the Salesforce org, where we have installed the app.

1. Select country code for your registered numbers in Twilio.

2. Click on Select Number, you can see the numbers which you have registered in Twilio. Select which number do you want to use for the Application. Select the from whom you need to send the SMS. 

3. If you want to send SMS from other users numbers in your org then you need to add the phone mapping. Click on Add Phone Mapping. 

4. When you click on the Add Phone Mapping we can select the numbers and map that number to the users in the org.

 Search the user name, select the user, and click on the Submit Information button.

If you want to delete the user mapping with the phone number then you can click on  Delete Icon.